Britta Anderson Avatar
Britta Anderson
6/30/2020 - Google

We had our battery replaced today by this shop. We dropped off early, paid via text, and their team drove our car back to our house afterwards! They wiped it down with disinfectant when they got to our house. It couldn't have been more seamless overall.

Patrick Mendez Avatar
Patrick Mendez
6/06/2020 - Google

They fixed part of a knocking noise that was the cause of most of it at low speeds but the main problem was the wheel bearing of the car. Upon hearing the noise again at higher speeds, I brought it right back and they were super chill about going on a road test to figure it out and when they heard it, he immediately brought me back to the shop and lifted the car and even brought me over to stethoscope the bearing and showing me what the problem was. Compared to some mechanics that don’t even want you look at them???😂 A-1 service. Came back the very next day to get the bearings fixed and this is what sold me on the trust. Plenty of mechanics could have easily charged me for the whole job but they went out of the way to test the bearing that was really bad after it was changed and found out that the problem was fixed from just that one. Being relatively new bearings, the only problem having been defective parts, I didn’t mind having only one side changed and ended up saving a lot!

Stephan Hardeman Avatar
Stephan Hardeman
5/29/2020 - Google

Went here for a pre-purchase inspection and it saved me from buying a lemon! Professional, speedy, and courteous service. Highly recommended!

Neal Kayastha Avatar
Neal Kayastha
5/27/2020 - Google

The online repair shop I trust to work on my car. I won’t let anyone else touch my car when it comes to needing repairs done. Been going there for over 6 years now and have never had an issue. You can trust their mechanics and their prices! 1998 Toyota Camry and 2010 Toyota Rav4.

Derrick Alexander Avatar
Derrick Alexander
5/27/2020 - Google

Received exceptional service on my 2018 Acura TLX! They were very professional and exceeded all of my expectations! My car came back cleaner and running smoother than when I dropped it off. Will be utilizing them for all my car maintenance and issues from now on! 😃

Austin Alderdice Avatar
Austin Alderdice
5/27/2020 - Google

Meisha Colbert Avatar
Meisha Colbert
4/14/2020 - Google

Allie Figueroa Avatar
Allie Figueroa
4/14/2020 - Google

J.G. Burns Avatar
J.G. Burns
3/18/2020 - Google

Efficient.... good workmanship!

Chelsea Crawford Avatar
Chelsea Crawford
3/17/2020 - Google

Far East Motors is the only mechanic I trust. Their work is thorough, fast, and customer service is top notch. For years I was a firm believer in only servicing my car at the dealership, but I find the quality of the work at Far East Motors greatly exceeds the dealerships I’ve visited. I’m a customer for life.

Lenora R. Fuller-McCall Avatar
Lenora R. Fuller-McCall
3/06/2020 - Google

I find the staff of Far East offer consistently First Class Customer Service. They are honest, trustworthy, highly professional and reliable as well as friendly. I have been a very happy, satisfied customer for over two decades.

Kristina Broadie Jeter Avatar
Kristina Broadie Jeter
3/06/2020 - Google

Robert Allen Avatar
Robert Allen
2/19/2020 - Google

Watchman is very nice and good to work with went out of there way to get My car prepared and done a very good job kept me informed the owner JoHN is a great guy and very nice I will always re omens him to friends and I will always let them repair my car Agian great job

Pinoleronica Sultaneco Avatar
Pinoleronica Sultaneco
2/18/2020 - Google

Steve S Avatar
Steve S
2/18/2020 - Google

For more than 20 years, we've brought many different makes of cars to Far East (Honda, Acura, Mazda) and they have been able to professionally care for each of them. They care and it shows!

Eric Reiffenstein Avatar
Eric Reiffenstein
2/07/2020 - Google

I recently needed brake work done on my sons 18 year old Ford Focus. The folks at Far East Motors were very pleasant, and I was able to book an appointment online. The quickly diagnosed the nature of the problem, the car needed the rear brake lines replaced, and they had the car ready that day. I will definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a good mechanic.

yamina bbb Avatar
yamina bbb
1/28/2020 - Google

Don't hesitate to go this place if you have complicated issue ,They are very knowledgeable to fix any issue related to the car .I reviewed them bad before as I was frustrated about the cost and having another issue.However, the owner and his team did take care for me with genuine care. Very recommended!!!

Korine Make-it-more Avatar
Korine Make-it-more
1/27/2020 - Google

Ancient Fields Avatar
Ancient Fields
1/24/2020 - Google

Just a little more expensive than most, but good quality service in a timely manner.

Brian Lane Avatar
Brian Lane
1/24/2020 - Google

Far East worked hard to fix a mystery leak in my Subaru. They made sure the problem was fixed, and checked with me several days later to make sure the problem had not returned. Very happy with the results!

Dana Wright Avatar
Dana Wright
1/20/2020 - Google

We love Far East Motors! Jon, Paul and Watchman are always so helpful and trustworthy. It is easy to drop the car off at night and they call in the morning with details about suggested repairs. I recommend them highly.

Julie moser Avatar
Julie moser
1/11/2020 - Google

MoCo Pet Sitters Avatar
MoCo Pet Sitters
1/07/2020 - Google

Great service!!! They are so kind and helpful. Thank you so much to John and the rest of the team. Everyone is absolutely amazing. Such great people!!!!

Christian Wray Avatar
Christian Wray
1/02/2020 - Google

This mechanic shop has to be the best one yet the one mechanic Jonny Jr always helps me out with my car and always makes sure I don’t leave unsatisfied every time I leave my car there I know I can trust them and it is fixed as soon as possible they do honest work thank you Jonny Jr for always helping me out whenever I need it -Christian

Tom Pearce Avatar
Tom Pearce
1/01/2020 - Google

After bringing my car to the Buick dealership 3x I was fed up with their work because they couldn’t figure out what was draining my battery!! I brought it to these guys and they were able to figure it out as soon as I brought it in!! These guys are extremely knowledgeable, and very timely with their repairs!! I trust these guys with all my car troubles! I will be going to these guys with everything !

Theresa Jones Avatar
Theresa Jones
12/26/2019 - Google

Consistently excellent service

Mike Miller Avatar
Mike Miller
12/18/2019 - Google

Great shop!!!They identified the sound behind my dashboard that I could not identify and fix the problem within one workday . I really appreciate you guys ????

Olusegun Olabode Avatar
Olusegun Olabode
12/17/2019 - Google

Caleb Martinez Avatar
Caleb Martinez
12/12/2019 - Google

Rozanne Look Avatar
Rozanne Look
12/10/2019 - Google

Mason Chen Avatar
Mason Chen
12/05/2019 - Google

Reasonable price, very friendly and professional staff, and prompt service. Overall had a great experience with Far East!

Linda Brooks Avatar
Linda Brooks
11/18/2019 - Google

Danielle Hanson Avatar
Danielle Hanson
11/11/2019 - Google

Such a great blessing to have had my car repaired by these guys. Very knowledgeable. I give them my highest recommendation!

Hapi Ma'at Avatar
Hapi Ma'at
11/07/2019 - Google

Helen Nolan Avatar
Helen Nolan
11/05/2019 - Google

Always reliable and get the job done promptly.

Abraham Morris Avatar
Abraham Morris
10/25/2019 - Google

Far East Motors has provided maintenance to my Honda Element for over 10 years and I have been a satisfied customer the entire length of this time. The family atmosphere and professional customer service is to be complimented. From the reception desk to the work area the customer service is wonderful. Furthermore, whenever I am uncertain or lack knowledge about a repair, the crew takes the time to explain the problem and share the options of repair with me. I greatly appreciate the transparency that removes the stress of uncertainty from me. Overall, I would highly suggest that you experience the professional service at Far East Motors---honesty, transparency, professionalism, family atmosphere and a clean shop.

David Braun Avatar
David Braun
10/17/2019 - Google

jOn and the guys at Far East are top notch. This is a no BS kind of place, They will tell you what you need but not push things you don't. If you have an older car that needs some TLC, this is your place.

Lexis Firestone Avatar
Lexis Firestone
10/16/2019 - Google

jason bart Avatar
jason bart
10/16/2019 - Google

Great experience, friendly and professional crew. They explained the issue that needed repair and fixed it in an economical way. Trustworthy repair shop will recommend to others.

jason bart Avatar
jason bart
10/11/2019 - Google

Great experience, friendly and professional crew. They explained the issue that needed repair and fixed it in an economical way. Trustworthy repair shop will recommend to others.

Lexis Firestone Avatar
Lexis Firestone
10/11/2019 - Google

Mohsen Marefat Avatar
Mohsen Marefat
10/09/2019 - Google

I use Far East Motors because of their knowledgeable care of my car and a friendly service.

Chris Sounds Avatar
Chris Sounds
10/09/2019 - Google

Always great service. Very friendly and professional.

Thomas King Avatar
Thomas King
10/05/2019 - Google

Mohsen Marefat Avatar
Mohsen Marefat
10/02/2019 - Google

I use Far East Motors because of their knowledgeable care of my car and a friendly service.

Chris Sounds Avatar
Chris Sounds
10/02/2019 - Google

Always great service. Very friendly and professional.

Eduardo Paredez Avatar
Eduardo Paredez
9/23/2019 - Google

Great Experience as always

khalil munir Avatar
khalil munir
9/23/2019 - Google

khalil munir Avatar
khalil munir
8/31/2019 - Google

Sam Savage Avatar
Sam Savage
8/28/2019 - Google