Don’t let these Top 5 Issues put a damper on your fall roadtrip

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Thinking of a Roadtrip?

Well, don’t let these Top 5 Issues put a damper on your Trip.

The top Issues we see on many clients vehicles over the last couple of months are :

  1. Dead or Weak Battery
  2. Low Engine / Transmission Fluids
  3. Low Tire Pressure / Cracking Tires
  4. Rusted Brake Pads and Rotors
  5. Underhood wires/hoses and filters damaged by squirrels and chipmunk nests

Before you take your next road trip, It’s highly recommended to have the experts at Far East Motors perform a Fall Service on your vehicle.

Learn more about this service by clicking the link below or call us at 301-495-7300. Keeping you and your Vehicle Safe on the Road is what we do.

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